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Inaugural meeting 25th - 27th April 1997

A Club for Biking Medics

Doctors and motorcycles. In the eyes of many of our colleagues and friends, this is an unlikely combination. But the fact is that there are a lot of us about.

In 1996, Nick Broughton thought up the idea of a motorcycle club for medics who ride, and placed letters in BIKE and RiDE Magazines. Encouraged by the response, he organised an inaugural meeting in April 1997.

Who can join?

The club is open to all doctors, dentists and medical students who ride a motorbike, as well as their spouse or partner.

What type of bike do I need to ride?

ANY type of bike is suitable. At the inaugural meeting, most members rode sports or touring bikes, but customs, mopeds, scooters, off-road bikes and any other type are all welcome.

What do they do?

Well, that is still up to the membership to decide. We hope to meet twice a year on a national basis. One or more members will be responsible for organising a meeting in their area. This might consist of meeting in an hotel on a Friday night, a ride-out on Saturday, some approved medical education and a club meeting before departure on Sunday, and of course, lots of good booze, food and talk about bikes!

Do any women go to meetings?

At the inaugural meeting, there were two lady doctors with bikes. So don’t feel that this is a male-only club!

OK, So how do I join?

Contact Dr Sarah Walters by e-mail ( or snail mail (Department of Public Health & Epidemiology, University of Birmingham, B15 2TT, United Kingdom) and we’ll send you an application form. Or you join directly via the Quick Quacks web pages.

 How much does it cost?

We try and minimise costs. However we need to charge a small annual subscription to cover publicity, postal costs (newletter, notices of meetings and cost of seeking sponsorship for meetings) and so on. At the moment, this is £15 for an individual or £20 for a couple.

What do I get for my money?

You get the Newsletter, initially twice a year, but more frequently if required. You will get local contacts to arrange informal local meetings and rides with colleagues in your area, and you will get invited on twice-yearly club weekends. It is up to members how the club develops, so this is your chance to get in right at the beginning, and shape the club in the way you want.

We’ll also keep you posted about other motorcycling issues and forthcoming bike events.

And we’ll try and organise club stands at various national and local biking events.

Inaugural Meeting

Torrential rain following a prolonged drought signalled the start of the inaugural meeting of Quick Quacks MCC at the Ashley Court Hotel, Andover, Hampshire on 25th to 27th April 1997.

Eleven hardy souls braved rain, wind and slippery roads and tested the rain-excluding properties of our clothing, and arrived in a rather bedraggled state. We were soon revived by large quantities of the local brew, and a warming meal. Biking yarns became progressively taller stories through the evening, as the plot was hatched for the rideout on Saturday.

Unfortunately, Nick was unable to join us on the rideout, thanks to him having only half a bike and a broken wrist after a bike/Volvo interface a few days before the event. However, undaunted by the ill fortune of our leader, continued rain and the unpleasant feeling of putting on wet clothes again, we decided we would get out and about.

Alan Day from Cheltenham took the lead, as we made a very gentle way out of Andover and through the New Forest to Beaulieu. After a warming coffee, we visited the car and motorcycle exhibits before re-convening for lunch. As the weather was improving, we decided to ride to Lymington for tea, and this time the pace was brisker. We encountered some interesting hazards, including a pregnant pony in the road, and Mark’s Ducati which kept stopping in the rain (due to a blocked fuel breather thingy).

Lymington was most welcoming, having free parking for bikes in the harbour. We all descended on an unsuspecting tea shop for tea and cakes, which were delicious.

We made the most of the improving weather to increase speed and finally enjoy some proper cornering and overtaking in true biker (= hooligan) style. The hotel seemed very welcoming, and having depleted the hot water supply and left our boots and gloves to melt on the heated towel rails, we congregated for a sponsored dinner.

Sunday dawned and sore heads were rapidly medicated in time for the approved medical education component of the weekend (Sarah Walters talking about environmental factors in the aetiology of childhood asthma). This was followed by a club meeting, during which we decided on a name for the club (The Quick Quacks). We also agreed that Nick would remain in overall charge, that Sarah would deal with publicity including ogos, newsletter, and a web site. Finally, we decided that Graeme would be responsible for organising the Autumn get-together in Yorkshire.

Inevitably, come the end of the weekend the weather improved, and we departed in glorious sunshine, hoping to dry out a bit during the journey back home. 

Quick Quacks Online

In order to keep members up to date about club meetings, national events of interest and to attract new members, we have decided to set up a website. The site will provide basic information about Quick Quacks, information on how to join by snail mail, e-mail , a downloadable application form, and a page of links to other motorcycling organisations, and to directories of motorcycling links.

 However, we are always receptive to ideas and if anyone would like to contribute links to their own home pages, to relevant web sites of interest, or reports of rides, good biking roads, good biking pubs, or biking experiences, please e-mail Sarah with comments, contributions and suggestions. 

How to contribute to your Newsletter

 Quick Quacks is for its members, and the Newsletter will be much better if members contribute. So we want to hear from you! Tell us about great rides you have made. Share good biking venues and pubs with other members. How do your colleagues react to you riding a bike? How do your patients react? And tell us about your opinions about anything to do with motorbikes. What do you think of laws affecting bikers? What do you think the club should be doing? Tell other members about forthcoming biking events which you will be attending - we can put it on the website as well. Ask technical questions of your colleagues and fellow members, and we'll do our best to help with bike-related problems. Tell us your opinions of bikes you have owned. You could even place small ads for bikes, bike bits and equipment for sale to colleagues and club members.

But remember, the quality of your newsletter depends on the quality of your contributions - so please write articles or letters to the Editor. It’s up to you!!!


If you’d like to submit photographs of yourself, your bike, interesting rides or other photos of interest, please feel free to do so. Pictures should be prints, not slides, and because they will be reproduced in black and white, monochrome prints are preferred to colour, but either will do. Please submit your name, specialty, address, a description of what is shown in the picture and the bike that you ride with the photo.

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