The Quick Quacks in Kent and Normandy

September 2006

Superbly organised by John, excellent roads, interesting rest stops and possibly the most complex route yet attempted ;)

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Some words from Adrian: -

Quacks rule - here there & everywhere....
First a huge thankyou to John for his superbly organised Ashford meet. Finding such thoroughly enjoyable routes down south is difficult with all those people wanting to rub shoulders so closely as I'm finding for May, but those roads, especially the last part were a great grin whether chasing Pete in the Fasts or JB and co in the Almost as Fasts. After much encouragement Fangsnatcher appeared for lunch having surprised us all with his welcome QQs to Cade Street board he'd put outside his gate - so that was good. The PA John had arranged worked tho we'd have liked longer with it on the saturday night - slow service in the restaurant the culprit. Putting out the hat to pay for it realised £36, so now we know we could earn on the streetcorners if necessary!
I'll go a long way for such company. Perhaps JB's suggestion of a continental QQ meet is not entirely beyond the bounds of possibility....... Somewhere around Zeebrugge perhaps as ferries go there from top and bottom of the east coast.
Normandy: A trip seething with new experience from taking bike on the chunnel to being guided around the landing sites by someone who really knows his onions - and was willing to play the part of guide to the last. I hope you felt it was a holiday too Gary! The looks we were getting as we rocked up at various places following G dressed up as a yank medic were priceless. And it got more serious than that when at St Mere Eglise museum Gary admitted to being a doc to some Americans he was chatting to and had to consult the limping american woman about her sore leg! I got a picture of that........
Our hosts at the Gite were lovely people but Andrew was clearly very sick with leakaemia. It sure seemed to brighten his day when on a gorgeous monday evening the band kicked up outside the Gite which was next door to his place. He came out to photograph us, and even tried us with some rival music while we were eating by sticking some speakers out on a windowsill. It must have been a good night for him as he received confirmation that he was to get his marrow transplant too! Playing every day has tightened up the band more than somewhat and I'd say that monday night was our best ever. Next plan is to get a way of miking the vocals through our mini amps - then we could take the band on the E2E!
We got wet on our ride out on Friday but a final lunch at Honfleur  with Chris and Pete and a pleasant ferry trip back from Le Havre for Huw and I almost finished the trip.....except our ride home from Portsmouth was rather circuitous as we recced for next May. Useful as we need to modify the route somewhat at the tail end.
What a great week. Lets do it again sometime and ride down the Western Front - Ypres to Verdun anyway..... Thanks to all for the great company and craic.

Words from CtC

Fan BL**DY tasitc !!!
Thanks to John for the great QQ Kent ride and a special thank you to Gary for the superb French extension.
Gary went to a lot of trouble to ensure we all came back knowing an awful lot more about Normandy. All the way from the 9th century up to the D-Day landings, our education was complete.
Wait until the rest of you see the pictures, you'll all be very jealous!
Mine are here ...
I also have some great video of the QQ band that I am trying to put here too.
Many thanks again Gary.
ps My clutch is totally bu**ered. New cable and release mechanism required.

Videos and Photos from CtC

Pictures from Lt Col "Woolly Jumper" Enever of the 101st

Some words from PtF


We're back!

What a HOOT!

Thanks John for a great time in Kent and thanks Gary for, well, what can I
say? When I say I didn't want to leave I mean it. Superb Gite, learned
loads of "stuff" about WW2 and got some riding in too! Massive thanks to
the band for carrying all that gear then entertaing us every evening.

When I say "We're back" I perhaps should mention that we left IWoo, Audrey
and Ian in France. As sleepers. To organise the resistance.


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