Shiver in the Wolds



Mike and I finished our afternoon surgeries and as quickly as possible readied the bikes and were off. It was dark and cold and crowded but we made reasonable time despite having to stop to warm up. We were mildly surprised to find that everyone else was fretting about our whereabouts as an earlier text of "see you later" had been interpreted as meaning we had set off, some 5 hours prior to our actual departure. We were made welcome and enjoyed delicious soup and then a soupçson of wine. Everyone was tired so after a pleasantchill out time we retiredfor a relatively early night. It was my first time for sleeping in a sauna. An interesting experience.

I got up fairly early and went for a stroll and for the first time in a long time I watched the sun come up. I chatted with one of JBs neighbours and discovered we were known as Brock's Rockers, seems fitting. Before I froze to death I returned indoors and enjoyed porridge for breakfast, yumm. Bums were on seats fairly efficiently and we set off to meet Andy, Jane and Keith at the petrol station. JB (not to be confused with JonB) was leading and Andy was tailing. To be fair I have little or no idea where we went in detail but the route included the words Reavesby, Bardney and bends. Lots of bends. I recognised the outskirts of Louth, we had lunch in a beach cafe at Anderby Creek and we stopped at a biker's meeting place in a wooded area. Full of dodgy looking bikers. Oh, that was us.

As the rain started to fall we ran ahead of it and returned to Fishtoft. It was a very good run and perfectly timed as we got back just beforethe rain got there. We decamped to the Red Cow (never seen a pub by that name before), the beer was well kept and served in lined glasses. Excellent. Once rehydrated we all went back to JB's and enjoyed Lyn's excellent game pie. We tasted many wines and as far as I could tell they were all excellent! The band was limited to just Gary, but as we all know that is no real limitation.

Sunday breakfast was fabulous with possibly the best sausages in the world. We left in waves, myself somewhere in the middle. I got wet, but got home at a reasonable time. May seems so far away that a March run was suggested. Gary (who else?) suggested it be known as the "Rides of March". That'll do.

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