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I somehow got elected Chairman of this group. I suspect a conspiracy.
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When we ride in a group we ride to The Marker System

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Some photos from our trips can be found on both on the main site and on this site.

Nick Broughton thinks up the idea and places adds in
Bike and Ride 1996
Inaugural Meeting April 1997 Attendees Nick Broughton, Sarah Walters, Graeme Smith, Alan Day, Jane, Mark Beer,
Adrian Butcher (not at meeting but a member, coined the name The Quick Quacks).
Nick broke his wrist before the meet in a bike Volvo interface incident.
Selby September 1997 Sarah lowsides into a grass verge.
Devon April 1998 Sarah gets hit by a 24 ton truck on the motorway before the meet :( My first meeting.
Llangollen September 1998  
The Quick Quacks do Essex April 1999 It rained, and rained and rained. Lee lowsides across the B184
The Quick Quacks do Northumberland September 1999 Aran broke his ankle falling down the stairs pre-meet. Lee misses dog but hits hedge.
Mark's radiator holed by a stone.
The Quick Quacks do Wiltshire May 2000 Yoav clips a car and loses a footpeg. Cedric drops bike doing u-turn.
The Quick Quacks do Cambrai September 2000  
The Peak District September 2000 Aran goes off-roading.
The Quick Quacks do Yorkshire May 2001  
The Quick Quacks do Wales September 2001 The Band first performance, now known as The Sultans of Swingarms. Mike H loses a
wing mirror in u-turn on the way home.
The Quick Quacks in Scotland May 2002 Lee finds the trees. Adrian gets cam-chain-tensioner blues. PtF turns left up the wrong
road and Bonny gets target fixation.
The Quick Quacks in Lincoln September 2002 Cadwell trackday. We meet Debbie driver extraordinaire.
Quick Quacks do skiing and a curry January 2003  
The Quick Quacks in Wales (again) May 2003  
The Quick Quacks in Suffolk September 2003 Adrian gives Hazel a ride in France.
The Quick Quacks in Scarborough May 2004 PtF puts diesel in his tank. Bulldog streaks (shudder).
The Quick Quacks in Northern Ireland September 2004 We visit Joey Dunlops bar and memorial. Second Scottish extension for the lucky few.
The Quick Quacks Revisit Northumberland May 2005 Yoav joins the fast group on a bus. JS gets points, tut.
The Quick Quacks Holiday in Gloucester September 2005 Fruit pickers - mmmm. We get gatecrashed as we cleary have a much better time than most!
The Quick Quacks in Lockerbie and their adventures in the North May 2006 Emily born. Alan low sides on gravel. Fastest Harley in the UK seen, briefly. PtF does a shoulder check and parks his radiator on CtCs now stationary exhaust pipe.
Scarborough Lite July 2006 Those that can't wait do.
The Quick Quacks in Kent and Normandy September 2006 The Sultans go international. Gary relieves Normandy.
The Quick Quacks in Frome and E2E April/May 2007 10th anniversary celebration. Ian finds hydraulic fluid. Sally finds the verge. Emily's first birthday. Dave demolishes WVM. The band give their best performances yet.
Mid Knock Mid-summer Bash Jeanne and Bonny get invaded
The Quick Quacks do the Lakes September 2007 We get to see the Lake District, all of it....
Shiver round Shrewsbury October 2007 Select few have an Octoberfest
The Quick Quacks wear Cardigan May 2008 Cardigan runs, Sally and PtF drop them, Ireland suffers the after effects
The French Reccie June 2008 Nigel and Peter invade France
The Quick Quacks revisit Boroughbridge and France September 2008 Matthew torpedoes PtF, JB bravely lends PtF his prized Aprillia
Shiver in the Wolds October 2008 Gary introduces the concept of wooden top-boxes, Jon B the concept of stitched plastic
Old Buffers in Northern Spain April 2009 Adrian retires and the buffers go Spanish
The Quick Quacks go Moldy May 2009 Jane and Keith provide a technical run
Langholm music festival Jeann and Bonny do it again
The Transfagarasan PtF has an adventure
The Quick Quacks go to Newcastle and the 4 corners September 2009   Great trip out from Newcastle followed by the amazing "4 corners of Scotland" run.
Chepstow and extension May 2010 Magnificent Wye Valley and Forest of Dean fun
Cumbrian dowsing September 2010 Nicki lets Paul rest his bike on hers...
Shivering in the Wolds October 2010 James throws down his toy.
The QQs in Lincolnshire May 2011  
The QQs in the Lakes September 2011 Howard destroys a perfectly good Cagiva and comes up smelling of diesel.
Shiver in the Wolds October 2011  
May 2012  
September 2012  
The QQs do the UK May 2017  20th Anniversay celebrations, a tour of the UK hitting centres and centroids 


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